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Embarking on the web3 journey unveils a realm of possibilities, along with its share of trials and triumphs. Through my Debank profile, I share a transparent ledger of my interactions within the blockchain space. My steps, missteps, and learnings. It's a narrative of exploration, of embracing the decentralized ethos, and learning through doing. Every protocol interaction, every transaction echoes a chapter of this ongoing journey.

Experimental Endeavors

Embark on a journey of indie hacking where each experiment is a stride towards uncharted territories. From AI to dynamic NFT collections, these ventures are a testament to the blend of creativity and technology. Explore the process, the hits and misses, and the lore that ties these experiments together
AI Chat Interaction - Character Helen
Dive into a conversational reality with Helen, an AI chatbot that adds a slice of interaction in the in/habitants world. Experience the fusion of narrative and artificial intelligence as you navigate through the storytelling

Squad View - Faction Analysis
Unveil the power dynamics within the cyberpunk realm of in/habitants using "Squad View". Through Constellations API on Stargaze, delve into real-time metadata analysis correlating with the searched wallet. Examine character attributes and faction affiliations to ascertain user influence across factions, impacting powers and roles directly within Discord.
Mega Blue Sea: A Real-Time NFT Ensemble
Dive into a real-time exhibit on Polygon, showcasing MegaCards holders from Mega DAO BR. Through Alchemy's API and React, see the rarest whales alongside total cards owned, bridging narratives of past and present collections.
AI Chat Interaction - Character Helen
A challenging GPT poised for intense debates. Armed with sharp logic, this chatbot elevates discussions, challenging users with smart, provocative responses. Perfect for rhetoric training and critical thinking. Try it now!
Signature Project

in/habitants unveils a meta-narrative mirroring its own explorative journey into decentralization, technology, and contemporary dialogues. It's not just a leisure read, but an educational venture, grounded in the belief that memory is linked with emotion. Within in/habitants, every pixel tells a story, every character poses a question, and every episode provokes thought on the present-day technological landscape

In/habitants Web3Comic

  • in/habitants is a contemporary cyberpunk slice-of-life comic that follows the lives of its diverse cast of characters as they navigate through a world filled with technology, injustices, and personal struggles. The comic provides a fresh perspective on the intersection of society, technology, and the human experience

  • Collections: 2 collections within the Cosmos ecosystem, hosted on the layer 1 marketplace Stargaze, where 2 types of collections were launched, both minted in less than 24 hours. The collections include NFT Panels featuring scenes from the comic and 1001 in/habitants as the PFP of the project, reaching the top 100 collections in volume in 2023 at the ecosystem.
  • Inhabitants Node Validator: Operating a node validator with over 5 million $stars tokens, providing a platform where the community of NFT holders can vote on future decisions of the Stargaze network, ranking among the top 50 nodes in 2023.
  • Music Launch: Special launch of the series theme music on Optimism, titled 'Unbound Spirit'.

  • Distribution Platforms: The series has been launched on various platforms like the Korean Webtoons and Okida, with a notable presence on Globalcomix where it reached the top 5 in 2023 among over 7000 comics. Additionally, the comic has been translated into multiple languages, broadening its global outreach.
  • Physical Publications and Merchandise: The comic is also available in physical format on Amazon, and fans can purchase exclusive merchandise at Spring Store.

Decentralized Engagements

Decentralization isn't just a technical shift, but a personal journey of engagement with projects echoing the ethos of a borderless world. In this segment, discover the array of decentralized endeavors where Borderless has been actively involved, contributing not just code, but ideas, and fostering a community where innovation thrives amidst collective effort
MetaAdastra: A Digital Transformation Space
Roles - Collector & Oracle
MetaAdastra envisions a pioneering Web3 era through its Alternative Digital Society (ADS), melding Culture, Philosophy, and Technology to drive human development and foster creative freedom. With values rooted in individual liberty, artistic expression, technological embrace, personal growth, and collaborative ethos, it offers a Metacommunity for knowledge sharing, a Metaverse Art City for digital cultural enrichment, and Oracle-guided expertise across various domains. Governed by a democratic council and driven by innovative projects, MetaAdastra aims to be a beacon of creativity and collaboration in the decentralized digital realm.

Joystream: Decentralized Video Governance
Roles - Channel Owner & Validator
Joystream offers a unique blend of video streaming services intertwined with decentralized governance. On this platform, video content management goes hand-in-hand with a community-led approach, enabling a collaborative ecosystem for creators and viewers alike. As a blockchain-based platform, Joystream brings forth a realm where video streaming meets decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance, facilitating a collective decision-making process over the platform's operational aspects. The intertwined nature of video streaming and blockchain governance positions Joystream as a pioneering platform in melding content creation with decentralized control.
Stargaze: Decentralized NFT Marketplace on Cosmos
Roles - Collector, Creator & Validator
Stargaze emerges as a NFT marketplace within the Cosmos ecosystem, operating on Layer 1. As an avid collector, collection creator, and network validator, I am deeply involved in the Stargaze community. This platform not only supports the creation and exchange of NFTs but also introduces groundbreaking features such as integrated DAO structures, native tokens, and a dedicated blockchain. Stargaze sets itself apart by offering a gasless environment, ensuring cost-effective transactions. With a robust voting system, Stargaze empowers its community to actively participate in platform governance, marking a new era in decentralized digital collectibles.

Skin in the Game
In every innovation and endeavor, there's a narrative of belief, trust, and support. Here, it symbolizes a personal commitment to projects and visions that resonate with the Borderless ethos. This is not about mere financial backing, but about standing beside visionaries whose endeavors are worth believing in. It’s a showcase of camaraderie, belief, and a shared vision for a future unbounded
MegaDAO: Amplifying Engagement and Learning in Web3
MegaDAO stands as a decentralized growth hub, fostering crypto education while unveiling brand potentials. Their "Engage and Earn" ethos nurtures a dual arena of learning and brand amplification through MEGA Collabs. With over R$350K invested, MegaDAO extends beyond education, echoing a unique fusion of engagement and investment in the digital realm. Their quest-based system tailors to brand goals, creating a win-win scenario where crypto knowledge meets brand outreach
LuckySea: Decentralized Loot and NFT Collecting
LuckySea is a decentralized gamified platform where users embark on treasure-hunting adventures to uncover NFTs. As players explore and open chests, they discover unique NFTs, earn points, and level up, with each season introducing new challenges and rewards. The platform promotes fair and transparent distribution of NFTs, ensuring a rewarding gaming experience. LuckySea aims to revolutionize the NFT industry by blending crypto gambling with NFT collecting, providing an innovative and secure platform.
Be Borderless (PT-BR)

Anonimato, Pseudonimato e Nome Público: As Máscaras de Identidade na Era Digital
Vivemos em uma era onde nossos dados são mais valiosos do que nunca. No entanto, apesar de todas as maravilhas da revolução digital, há um preço oculto: nossa privacidade

Worldcoin e o Labirinto da Prova de Pessoa
Adentrando o mundo de Worldcoin, nos deparamos com o enigma da "prova de pessoa" no cenário crypto. Não é uma jornada para os tímidos, mas posso garantir que a viagem tem valor

A Revolução Transmídia: NFTs como Conduítes entre o Digital e o Tangível
Na era digital emergente, os NFTs (Tokens Não Fungíveis) surgem como catalisadores potentes, desencadeando uma revolução transmídia

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